Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability

   Case Management Toolbox


To begin the vocational rehabilitation process, our first step will be for
you to complete the "Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Record", perhaps
prepare a resume, and to participate in an in-depth, Vocational Diagnostic
Interview with me.  

This FIRST step called the Vocational / Career Assessment phase is designed to help better understand your background and needs.

Step TWO will be to work together in checking out your career path options
using  a systematic approach.  This second phase is called the Career
Exploration phase
and takes advantage of some powerful Internet on-line


Typically we meet regularly at a local public library with free public Internet access and a  variety of career reference resources.

Generally, I show you how to start Career Exploration using several Internet
based tools which I will have posted on your personal web page link on my
Internet site called the "Vocational Rehabilitation & Disability Case
Management Toolbox" located at

The sites I post for you would include the following four:

[A]  Career Exploration Worksheet

[B]  Career Exploration.......what your printout will look like

[C]  Career Zone - "My Portfolio"
Free registration to use following self-evaluation tools:
My Interests
Job Readiness Skills
Explore Careers

[D]  Occupational Outlook Handbook "Worksheet"

As I will explain and demonstrate as we work together, you will be requested
to participate as follows:

Your first task is to fill in the answers on-line to the "Career Exploration
then print two copies of your responses.  The work cannot be
saved on-line so you need to do it all in one shot.  Please expect it to
take approximately one hour.  I ask you to give me a copy when we next meet and to keep a copy for yourself.    When you are all done the print out will look the one found on the following link: "What your [Career Exploration] printout will look like".

The second task is to use the "Career Zone - My Portfolio" web site to
identify your interests, job readiness skills, & to explore careers.  This
involves answering questions and then clicking on the suggested careers to
learn more about the job fields you selected.

At the bottom of each career identified you should click on "additional
information" to get direct access to the Department of Labor's information
link  on those careers which particularly interest you.    This "additional
information" link will bring you to The Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Your goal is to please identify 5 careers of interest [5 careers which you
would like to learn more about] then to write up the most important details
on each of these careers using the "Occupational Outlook Handbook
.     You should print up 5 copies of the blank Worksheets which
can be accessed from the web link I have demonstrated & provided you.
Please hand me these completed worksheets when we meet

Good luck, try to have fun with this after all you are really exploring
yourself.  The more time & effort you put into it, the more benefit you are
likely to gain just like anything else in life.

Your web page will have direct links to each of the web pages I have
recommended you use so you can get to each page right from your personalized
web page.

As we work together, I will also be providing you with links to assist you with the THIRD step of Job Seeking Skills preparation and

FOURTH step which involves Job Placement following the

Job Placement Plan Agreement.

If you have any problems or questions on what to do or how to do it, I invite you to please call me any evening Mon-Fri from 6 pm-7 pm when I am generally in my office at my computer.  I will answer any questions and walk you through the process.

Thank you & good luck.



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