PURPOSE OF FAMILY WEB SITE____________________                                              

10/18/2004.   Good day.     As a follow up to the 10/17/04 Family Meeting, I understand there is some

interest in using a Family Website to help foster communication. In anticipation of such a contingency,

at Ted's inspiration as the "Godfather" / Conceiver of the concept, I took the liberty of developing “Family

Website, Version 1.0"

I am mailing out a printout of how to access and what the current web pages look like. The specific pages

and format can be changed, added, or modified readily so if there are any suggestions, just let me know. 

It is password protected to maintain our confidentiality.

I request no one e-mail anyone the passwords either within or outside the family. This will help protect us

from prying eyes since we all know e-mail is not confidential or private. In the future after things get rolling,

it can be used to consolidate any scheduling, messages, etc.  This is not a substitute for mass e-mailings

but serves as a centralized resource which may be easier to track because: No need to sort & plow through

tons of e-mails trying to find something & Data accessible from anywhere, anytime.  Site could be a one-stop

service for any key info, if everyone so wishes.  Would work like x-mas list but instantly accessible under

password protected access.  Methinks eventually mega-e mails will make it hard to keep track of things so

this could help.

So.....if anyone has anything they wish me to post; just e-mail me & I will copy, paste, & post on website

within 24 hrs since I check e-mail several times daily. I accept responsibility for screening out any information,

which would seem too sensitive or confidential for web access since no password protection is perfectly safe. 

The one down side is it is passive document so one would need to regularly check for any updates.  I plan to

post date of last update on First page you see when site comes up which should make it easier to check for

any changes.  Also I need to be home to implement any changes so if away on vacation or out of town

[infrequent], I cannot do updates.  I hope site helps communication   If any difficulties or problems accessing,

just call me any eve & I will be glad to walk you through it.   Thanks.  VFS


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