Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability

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Please check out your local newspaper to research the local labor market on the job titles you have identified as appropriate

career goals.

I request you look into 2-3 consecutive Sunday newspaper want ads sections and several daily editions at regular intervals.

Obviously the ads will contain only limited information; however, for documentation purposes and for sake of consistency,

please fill in following info as available for each ad you find.  You can send this information to me via fax or e-mail.

[1]  Job titles of posted ads

[2]  Geographic spread [you can tell this from the phone area codes; telephone exchanges; zip codes, town
names, etc.].   If available,
employer name, city,  & phone:

[3]  Types of employers or industry if you can draw any conclusions

[4]  Required skills, qualifications, experience, any certifications or
licensures necessary?

[5]  If salary information available from ads, document this information

[6]  Part-time or Full-Time hrs?:

[7]  Any information on duties as related to your medical restrictions


The web site link for newspapers is: Nationwide newspapers - area code


To simplify keeping track of job information, you may wish to use

the LMS_Grid as a worksheet


The final product you send me ideally will look something like the
following example:

I did a  labor market survey over 3 Sundays from 12/6 through 12/20 using
Star Ledger, Asbury Park Press, and Jersey Journal.

#1.   Job titles of posted ads covered included Customer Service
Representative, Office Clerk, & Receptionist.               

#2.  Geographic area covered included North and Central, NJ from Hackensack
in north to Red Bank in south and Jersey City in east to Morristown in west.
More than 2/3 of the ads had no company name but the bulk seemed to be in
the 973 areas code.

#3  - The employers included small ads from 49 different employers including
25 customer service reps, 10 clerks, & 14 receptionists.   Appx. 10 ads
which is  20% of the ads appeared to be from larger, well known companies
running these larger ads. 

#4.   Qualifications - 6 of the 49 mentioned requiring computer literacy or
working knowledge of the computer.   9 mentioned skill using MS Word or
Office.  8 required at least 1 year of experience & 7 stated HS grad only.

5    Salary - Only 5 ads actually mentioned salary which ran from $19,000 -
$25,000 year.

6.   There seemed to be little need for part-time workers since only 4 ads
specified PT hrs. usually in eve or weekends.

7.  Physical duties - Generally the ads did not mention physical
requirements of job but 3 jobs did mention either much walking necessary,
lifting boxes over 30 lbs, or often had to climb steps.

My conclusion - It seems there are quite a few jobs out there for this type
of work paying up to $25,000 to start within 45 minutes of home.  I would be
qualified to do the work after graduation from a course in office
administrative work prepared me for using the computer to do word
processing, etc.


                  Interim - Labor Market Survey results to date