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 These ten U.S  D.O.L. inspired / partnered links may be of value when executing TSA & LMS tasks

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1__DOT Search                                        To search for a specific job on this page, you can create a pop-up search box, b                                                    which appears in upper left hand corner of screen.  For example, to search for f                                                       "truck", Press "CTRL" and "F" keys, then type in your search term in pop up box. b                                                    Each time you press "next" button to right of pop up box [or press "ENTER"] a a                                                    new instance of your term will be highlighted in color as page scrolls down.

2__DOT definitions                                  Identify GED, SVP, Strength level, etc.



3__TSA skills comparison                      "My Skills, My Future": identify occs that require skills and knowledge in work history. h                                                    Also. to find a list of open jobs in the alternative career: Under "best match" job go to                                                             column for "see job listings".  For employer details click on "apply for job" [red button] b       .                                                       then type in desired zip code and travel radius.  

4__TSA skills; fine tuning                       O'Net...."Keyword" search

5__Skills Profiler                              Create list of skills and match them to job types that use those skills; salary data

6__Occupation Profile                           Skills, wages, education, & related occs

7__Occupational Outlook Handbook   Documents qualifications for selected occ and suggests similar occs                       



8__Salary: OES                                        Occupational Employment Statistics [OES]

__NY State profile                                 Top jobs Versus Educational level


10_Employer locator                              For potential employers only, find contact information for employers by zip code,                      z                                                       radius, & industry




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