Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Case Management Toolbox 

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Many of the following links are offered through the           United States or various States' Dept. of Labor                                                    

Start ......What am I being asked to do?              Benefits & Features        

                          Three-Fold Brochure front & back

1.      Vocational Rehab Counseling Record                     

2a.      Resume Maker                                                          

2b.     Cover Letter Writer                                                  


3a.     Career Exploration Worksheet                                   

3b.     Career Exploration.....sample final report


4.       O'Net on-line Skills Search_01    Skill list_02    Skill list [doc]

           Skill list_03                       

        Identify your skills using the skills profiler_Career OneStop

           ISeek Skills Assessment


5a.     Occupational Outlook Handbook                             

5b.     NJ Careers - Keyword Search                                     

5c.     Occupational Outlook Handbook "Worksheet"      


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                                  http://www.mmirtw.com    then click on page #21


6.      Job Zone                 Self-Exploration:            Three tools are available -                   

a.     Career Interests -   Need to know what career might be right for you ?            ......gEnter some activities, and get suggestions of  occupations to explore.

b.     Work Values      -   What do you need to be happy at work?                            jjjjjjjjjRate the importance of  various job  characteristics, and                                        mm ewe'll recommend occupations you may find rewarding.

c.      Skills Survey      -   Find occupations that match the skills you              sdssalready have, and learn about other skills you may need to obtain.


7.      Skill Training Plan                                                     

a.      Introduction and purpose of the plan               

b.      Informal Labor Market Survey                            

c.      Newspaper classified ads      LMS Grid      

d.      Questions to ask school       Find a NJ school

e.       Itemization of costs


8a.     Job Interviewing Quiz           8b.  Post-Quiz Survey Questions                                      




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