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VESID, the state vocational rehabilitation agency

 [VESID stands for: Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities];       This is a government agency and is part of the NY State Education Department].



What is VESID?


Step #1 -


Read this material, select an office in your community and call to schedule an orientation appointment.

Spanish Orientation For individuals who are Spanish speaking only, and cannot converse in English, call for a special appointment: (718) 931-3500.


Welcome to VESID:


Adult Vocational Rehabilitation Services  ACCES-VR starts with the presumption that all persons with disabilities can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and should have opportunities to work in jobs integrated within their communities. ACCES-VR Counselors guide individuals through service programs they need to reach their employment goals.

Once you contact ACCES-VR, you will be asked to attend a group orientation session. The orientation will provide you with a description of the types of services that ACCES-VR provides. All the necessary forms needed to apply for VR services will be given to you at that time.  You may take them home and return the completed forms at your convenience. ACCES-VR staff will be available to answer any questions that you may have. As soon as we receive the completed forms necessary for a VR application and to determine eligibility for VR services, an appointment will be arranged for you to see an eligibility counselor.  Your counselor will talk to you about your disability and ways in which VR services may help you become employed.  During this meeting you may  be asked for information about your background, including questions about your physical and/or emotional health. Information about how your disability affects your ability to work will help us decide if you are eligible for VR services.  With your permission, it may be necessary to obtain additional information from your doctor, hospital, school, or ask that you to go for evaluations (at our expense).

Once we have all the information and you have met with our eligibility determination counselor, a decision about your eligibility for VR services will be made with seven (7) business days.  If you have been found eligible to receive VR services, a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will be assigned to work with you.



This page gives you links to a list of offices in your community and provides:

A basic guide, which describes vocational rehabilitation, eligibility requirements, developing a Plan, services provided, etc]

A handbook , which outlines eligibility requirements, next steps and services provided

and Developing an Individualized Plan of Employment [IPE]



If you would like information about ACCES-VR services, you may call the office nearest to you or call TOLL-FREE, 1-800-222-JOBS.

Email: vesidadm@mail.nysed.gov

If you would like information about ACCES-VR services, you may call the office nearest to you or call TOLL-FREE, 1-800-222-JOBS.

Spanish Orientation For individuals who are Spanish speaking only, and cannot converse in English, call for a special appointment: (718) 931-3500.


If I have a disability, can I automatically receive services?

No, VESID is not an entitlement program. In order to receive services, you must be determined eligible.

This requires that you provide VESID with documentation about all of the following:

        that you have a medically diagnosed physical, developmental, or emotional disability;

        that your condition(s) creates significant impediments to your ability to work;

        that there is a reasonable expectation that VESID services will enable you to work; and

        VESID services are required to enable you to become employed.

Whether or not you receive benefits (SSI or SSDI), you may still be eligible to receive services.


What happens when I contact VESID?

We're here to help you get a job. Through either a group orientation process or another type of informational

session you will learn:

        if you are eligible for services

        what VESID can do for you

        how to obtain an application and

        what are the next steps to apply for services

Contact the district office  which serves your county or borough for this information.


What services can I receive?

You and your counselor will plan your program together. Depending on what you need to meet your vocational goal,

you may receive one or more of the following services, some of which require a review of your financial resources:

        A vocational assessment to help identify:

        your skills, abilities, and interests

        possible job goals

        services you will need to get a job and live independently

        A physical and/or psychological examination to help understand how your disability affects your ability to work.

        Guidance, counseling, and referral to help you with problems you may have.

        Vocational counseling and career planning.

        Short-term medical intervention to improve your ability to work (if not covered by other insurance.)

        Training to learn the skills you will need for the job you want to do. This may include:

        On-the-job programs

        Job Coach services

        College and university programs

        Trade and business school programs

        Personal adjustment programs

        Work adjustment programs

        Transition services.

        Driver evaluation and training.

        Services that may assist you during assessment or training, such as:

        Special transportation

        Attendants, note takers, and interpreters

        Reader's Aid for matriculated college students

        Books, tools, and equipment you may need for training or employment.

        Rehabilitation technology.

        Telecommunication aids and adaptive devices you may need for rehabilitation.

        Assistance with some costs of modifications needed for employment:

        Work site modifications

        Van or other vehicle modifications

        Home modifications

        Training in job-seeking skills to learn how to:

        Fill out a job application or develop a resume

        Handle job interviews successfully

        Develop other job-related skills

        Occupational licenses, tools, initial stock, and supplies for a small business.

        Job placement services to help you find suitable work.

        Follow-up services to make sure you like your job and are not having any problems doing your work.


How much will VESID services cost me?

There is no cost for meeting with a VESID counselor or for anything that is needed to see if VESID can help you

(this would include medical examinations, vocational testing, and other assessments). There is also no cost for

job placement services. Other services may be based upon your income and/or family resources.





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